Pavel Titenkov

Pavel Titenkov

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Hi, I'm Pavel. My passion lies in crafting products and fostering happy engineering teams. Choosing which one I love more is a wonderful struggle!

I live in Oslo, but I'm originally from Belarus. My family and I moved to Norway in early 2021. While I hope returning to my homeland someday, I'm enjoying life in Norway's picturesque surroundings for now.


You can read about my professional career on Linkedin. I'm a software engineer who, after a decade of working at consultancy, moved into engineering management. As an engineer, I grew to senior engineering positions, working across the stack - from frontend and mobile to backend and devops. As a manager, I coached and mentored engineers with different experience levels and backgrounds, helping them to grow further.

Currently I'm working as Engineering Manager at Tribia, helping technical and business ideas gain traction. Here I'm leading the key product initiatives (SaaS, IAM, notification engine, etc) and taking care of several engineering teams. For the last several years in Tribia, I've been deeply focused on DevOps, adopting the best practices to streamline and automate our development and deployment. I've invested significant effort in creating robust CI/CD pipelines, IaaC setup for Auth0/Keycloak, implementing monitoring with NewRelic, introducing feature toggles, etc., so that our engineering teams could deliver changes swiftly and with confidence.

Before joining Tribia, I spent a decade working in consultancy at Coherent Solutions and Tieto. I've worked with various clients, from banks to startups, building products ranging from pretty basic web apps to high-load SaaS and high-sec on-premise solutions. I've had the chance to work with a wide range of technologies, but my career began with the Java stack (Spring, APIs), later mixed with frontend development (React/NextJS), DevOps and Cloud.

I am driven by constant learning and greatly appreciate those who share the same drive. I value commitment and responsibility. I enjoy working in people-first organizations where there's a shared enthusiasm for crafting beautiful engineering solutions.


In my educational background, I hold a Bachelor's degree in "Artificial Intelligence" from BSUIR and a Master's degree in "Theoretical foundations of computer science". Both of these degrees have provided me with a solid foundation in computer science and software engineering.

I also pursued a Ph.D. program at BSUIR, however, as I progressed through the program, I found that it was increasingly difficult to balance between study and my full-time job. I completed the academic years, got a Researcher degree (don't think there is a suitable equivalent of it in EU/US) and dropped out of the Ph.D. work defense in order to focus on my career. Although I left the Ph.D. program, I gained experience, which helps me to be more data-driven and experiment-driven in my everyday work.


Pavel Titenkov


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