Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Pavel Titenkov

Pavel Titenkov / January 10, 2023

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"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast" - a phrase I heard a couple of months ago resonated with me. In a world marked by constant hustle, it introduces a refreshing perspective.

The idea is straightforward: taking your time and being careful in your actions can lead to better results and help you to move faster. Originating from high-stress environments like the U.S. Navy Seals, the phrase's application extends beyond the battlefield. It promotes being mindful and efficient in your actions, rather than just focusing on speed alone.

When you put your team under pressure to deliver features quickly, they may be tempted to cut corners and make decisions that prioritise speed over quality. While occasional shortcuts may seem harmless, habitual prioritization of speed haunts the product's future.

Beyond business consequences, slowing down in software development enhances work satisfaction. It allows for deeper engagement, less worry, and a more caring, focused team. A measured pace contributes to long-term success. It's about balance—slowing down doesn't mean doing nothing, but experiencing and enjoying things done at your own pace.

In software development, it's not all about speed. Taking time to understand issues, thoroughly analyzing customer needs, and relishing the work contribute to a more well-rounded approach. So, let's adopt the philosophy: slow down to stay composed, find happiness, and, in doing so, become more effective.